Mike Lang Made Studio


Quality leather goods

made to last


Founded in 2015 by Mike Lang, an Austrian Carpenter, who turned his hands to leather work. Determined to make the perfect wallet, from ethical sources, that would mature without ruining.

The hunt began, to source the finest quality, vegetable tanned leather, a journey that took him to Italy, to a Tannerie called Tempesti. It was there he found a company which combines the best traditional craftsmanship with the most innovative technologies to result in high quality leather with natural softness.

Once the leather was sourced, the design naturally evolved from the edge of the skin and the reduction of unnecessary seams. Time is taken to carefully cut, stitch and burnish every piece by hand. This slow process ensures the highest finish is achieved. Each wallet can be personalised with initials, straps can be added for security and left hand wallets are available on request.

Every piece is made to order.

All items are proudly made in England.